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Proven Fundraising Ideas

Choosing a fundraising strategy for schools, charity, non-profit, or any other cause can be hard for some people because there are different things that you have to consider carefully. Some circumstances might necessitate running of a quick and easy fundraising project to raise a small amount of money. In other situations, it can become necessary to organize a larger fundraiser intended to generate a larger amount of money over an extended period like annual giving campaigns. Here are proven fundraising ideas that you can utilize and hit your fundraising target easily.

10,000 Steps Challenge- This fun fundraising idea involves getting participants to pledge to walk at least 10000 steps every day over an agreed period say a week or a month in exchange for sponsorships. You need to find organizations that can provide pedometers and even help to manage the event. There are also online dealers of pedometers you can buy from and let the participants be in charge of tracking their metrics. If you want to keep the running costs down, utilize the multiple mobile apps that are capable of taking count of the steps.

Book Swap-Organizing a book swap is another functional idea of raising money. Get people to sign up for a book swap and charge some entry-amount and some money for every book that is exchanged. To succeed with this idea, you will need to get people who love reading and adequate space. You could talk to your local library and get them to assist you with the book swap. You could also start a book club in your locality where you charge some small entry fee, and you will be surprised at the amount of money you can raise at the end of the swap.

Pool Party-Pool party is another popular and effective means of raising funds, especially during the hot summer season. It will be an excellent opportunity to cool off the participants and get to raise funds for some good reason at the same time. When preparing to host the pool party, reach out to the local pool administration, and obtain information on the availability of the pool and prices. Find out if you can carry your food to sell, and lifeguards, among other things before you can commit.

Community Yard Sale- Mobilize your community to give out old stuff kept in their store, closets, and garages such as lawnmowers,old clothes, and furniture for a good cause.

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